Accepted papers

MalEfficient10%: A Novel Feature Reduction Approach for Android Malware Detection
Android Malware Detection based on Static Analysis and Data Mining Techniques: A Systematic Literature Review
Comparative analysis of the Performance Metrics in IMT-E Band using Horn Antenna and Helical Antenna at Center Frequency 2.6 GHz
BCTM: A Topic Modeling Method Based on External information
A modern platform for social governance
Client Selection Based on Diversity Scaling for Federated Learning on Non-IID Data
A new approach for measuring delay in 5G cellular networks
Research on Robust Optimization of complex networks based on finite edge addition method
Amharic Language Hate Speech Detection from Facebook Image Post Using Deep Learning
Improving the Efficiency of WebRTC Layered Simulcast Using Software Defined Networking
An Empirical Study on Model Pruning and Quantization
GreenDRo: Deep Hybrid Edge-Cloud Detection for Battery-Performance Balance Conscious Devices
Neural Sample Search and DRo: Data Vs. Model Dimension (Neural Architecture Search) of AutoML
Deep CounterStrike: Counter Adversarial Deep Reinforcement Learning for Defense against Metamorphic Ransomware Swarm Attack
Modeling Water and Nutrient Dynamics in Response to Conservation Agriculture Practices under Smallholder Farms in the Ethiopian Highlands
Hydro systems Analysis of Lake Tana Basin and the impact of irrigation withdrawals on downstream Water Uses.