Accepted papers

Main Track and Late Track

  • Possibility of using existed WLAN infrastructure as an emergency network for air-to-ground transmissions: the case of WebRTC-based flying IoT system – Chodorek, Agnieszka; Chodorek, Robert ; Wajda, Krzysztof
  • Constructing a Green MPTCP Framework for Industrial Internet of Things Applications – Morawski, Michal; Ignaciuk, Przemyslaw
  • Identification of Significant Permissions for Efficient Android Malware Detection – Rathore, Hemant; Sahay, Sanjay K.; Rajvanshi, Ritvik; Sewak, Mohit
  • Energy efficiency optimization for RF energy harvesting relay system – liang, guangjun; Wang, Qun ; xin, jianfang; xia, lingling; li, meng
  • Analysis of QoS schemes and shaping strategies for large scale IP networks based on Network Calculus – Chen, Lihao; Zhang, Jiayi; Gao, Tao; Wang, Tongtong; Wang, Xinyuan
  • Research on information transmission characteristics of two-layer communication network – Li, zhenghui; xiao, yuzhi; Luo, haixiu; Tang, chunyang
  • Detection of Malicious Android Applications: Classical Machine Learning vs. Deep Neural Network Integrated with Clustering – Rathore; Sahay, Sanjay; Thukral, Shivin; Sewak, Mohit

Edge Computing Networks, Systems and Services (Go2Edge) Workshop

  • Experimental Evaluation of RSA Algorithms for SDN programmable VCSEL-based S-BVT in High-Capacity and Cost-Efficient Optical Metro Networks – Martinez; Casellas, Ramon; Svaluto Moreolo, Michela; Fabrega, Josep Maria; Vilalta, Ricard; Munoz, Raul; Nadal, Laia; Fernández Palacios, Juan Pedro; López, Víctor, Larrabeiti, David; Otero Pérez, Gabriel
  • Implementing a blockchain-based security system applied to IoT – Miquel Martínez, Martí; Marín Tordera, Eva; Masip Bruin, Xavi
  • Joint Core and Spectrum Allocation in Dynamic Optical Networks with ROADMs with no Line Changes – Viloria, Iván; Durán Barroso, Ramón J.; de Miguel, Ignacio; Ruiz Pérez, Lidia; Merayo, Noemi; Aguado Manzano, Juan Carlos; Fernández Reguero, Patricia; Lorenzo Toledo, Rubén, M.; Abril Domingo, Evaristo J.
  • An initial approach to a Multi-Access Edge Computing reference architecture implementation using Kubernetes – D. Martinez-Casanueva, Ignacio; Bellido, Luis; M. Lentisco, Carlos; Fernandez, David
  • Comparison of efficient planning and optimization methods of last mile delivery resources – Maestro, Jose Alberto; Rodriguez, Sara; Casado, Roberto; Prieto, Javier; Juan Manuel
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty for the deployment of future networks in IoT Scenarios – Santos-Boada, Germán; Alzate-Mejía, Néstor; Amazonas, José Roberto, de Almeida
  • Dimensioning Flex Ethernet Groups for the transport of 5G New Radio fronthaul traffic in C-RAN scenarios – Hernandez, Jose Alberto; Otero Pérez, Gabriel ; Larrabeiti, David