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Accepted papers

An Efficient Spectrum Mobility and Handover Method for Cognitive Satellite Networks

Wang Chunfeng

Dynamic IFFSM Modeling using IFHMM-based Bayesian Non-parametric Learning for Energy Disaggregation in Smart Solar Home System

Kalthoum Zaouali

Mohamed Lassaad Ammari

Amine Chouaieb

Ridha Bouallegue

Design of VNF-Mapping with Node Protection in WDM Metro Networks

Lidia Ruiz

Ramón J. Durán

Ignacio de Miguel

Noemí Merayo

Juan Carlos Aguado

Patricia Fernández

Rubén M. Lorenzo

Evaristo J. Abril

A System for Recognition and Classification of Activities using Deep Learning

Liangliang Lin

Ruimeng Wang

Jizhong Zhao

WiCLR: A Sign Language Recognition System Framework based on Wireless Sensing

Lin Wang

Yu Liu

Fine-Grained Access Control in mHealth with Hidden Policy and Traceability

Qi Li

Yinghui Zhang

Tao Zhang

An Approach to Analyze the Important Execution Paths of Software Based on Complex Network

Dejie Sun

Jie Zhang

Lei Xing

Shuai Zhang

Fast Algorithm for the Minimum Chebyshev Distance in RNA Secondary Structure

Tiejun Ke

Changwu Wang

Wenyuan Liu

Jiaomin Liu

Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm Based on Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization of Pareto Entropy

Cong Wang

Analysis and Implementation of Multidimensional Data Visualization Methods in Large-scale Power Internet of Things

Zhoubin Liu

Zixiang Wang

Xiaolu Yuan

Toward Detection of Driver Drowsiness with Commercial Smartwatch and Smartphone

Wei Shi

Shiyuan Zhang

Liang Lin

Yubin Li

Jizhong Zhao

High-resolution image reconstruction array of based on low-resolution infrared sensor

Yubin Li

Man-Machine Interaction for Smart Home Based on Smart Watch

Wei Shi

Liang Lin


Wei Shi

Liang Lin

Human Activity Recognition Using Wi-Fi Imaging With Deep Learning

Wei Shi

Liang Lin

Wi-Fi Floor Localization in an Unsupervised Manner

Wei Shi

Liang Lin

An Intelligent Question and Answering system for Dental Healthcare

Yan Jiang

Jin Guo

Yaning Liu

Rui Li

Yueshen Xu

Measuring and Analyzing the Burst Ratio in IP Traffic

Dominik Samociuk

Marek Barczyk

Andrzej Chydzinski

Classifier Fusion Method Based Emotion Recognition for Mobile Phone Users

Dong Luobing

Improvement of contention window for CSMA/CA 802.15.6

Kouka Neji

Guesmi Tarek

Korbaa Ouajdi

Distributed Integrated Modular Avionics Resource Allocation and Scheduling Algorithm Supporting Task Migration

Qing Zhou

Kui Li

Guoquan Zhang

Guoquan Zhang

Convex Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Localization by Using Hybrid RSS and AOA Measurements

Xiaoping Wu

Lufeng Mo

Construction of Laboratory Refined Management in Local Applied University

Ian Liu

Xiankun Sun

Chengfan Li

Yongmei Lei

An Efficient Negative Link Prediction Algorithm for Social Media Networks

Anand Batra

Debasis Das

Random Number Generator based Leader Selection Algorithm in Blockchain

Siddharth Chawla

Debasis Das

Secure and Lightweight Communication Scheme for VANETs using Identity Based Encryption

Manu Singh

Debasis Das

Trupil Limbasiya

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